Earthquake Preparedness Is Important


An earthquake is simply one of the most violent and unpredictable natural calamities that each and every family ought to be prepared of particularly for people who are in the Pacific Rim. Every family should perform private preparation together with the earthquake preparedness programs and security measures from the authorities.

The joint effort involves retrofitting and building earthquake resistant buildings and lifeline structures. Most buildings in Japan were designed to be earthquake resistant thus helping its people to become better equipped to combat such calamity. Every household has to then do their part of the effort by attending seminars that will help foster consciousness to the members and families of the community. Preparation consists of emotional preparedness if a calamity might strike because most people today die not of the dangers brought on by the disaster but due to panic. The effects could be diminished as an increasing number of people are aware of the tragedy and how to combat anxiety.

Apart from building institutions that are resistant to earthquake, it’s wise that each and every household would maintain earthquake survival kits which would sustain their families throughout the calamity. It must include the most fundamental needs of man, which are water, food, clothing and communicating. Flashlights with extra batteries should be kept together with other necessities. Don’t limit yourself to the things which you may include in the kit especially when you’ve got a pet or a family member that needs additional supplies.

During the emergency, you’ll be spending the majority of the time in your house so it’s advisable to test for potential hazards in your dwelling. Begin by ensuring the shelves are fastened securely to the walls with all the heavy objects being stored in the bottom section of the shelf. Brace overhead light fixtures to keep them from falling.

Make an emergency communication program so that you can remain in contact with each family members and monitor their security and condition. Earthquake preparedness will be incomplete without battery-operated radio or television wherein you may know the directives in the government and upgrades outside your house. Preparation won’t prevent the hazards that could be brought from the natural calamities but the consequences will be minimized and you will be more in control of this situation.